Newborn must have items

Newborn must have items

I can’t believe Grayson is 3 months old already! Wow, how did that happen? It feels like he was born just the other day! I remember how each day felt like a whole month with Tristan (thanks postnatal depression) and I just wanted time to fly by, now I wish the complete opposite. I am loving this journey!
So in light of us moving from the newborn to infant stage I thought I’d share a few of my newborn must have items that I’ve found invaluable with Grayson!


Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 carrierCarriers have been my saving grace! From the day we came home from hospital I’ve used a carrier every single day! Whether to put Grayson to sleep, calm him down or just have him close while I cook. I have 3 carriers that I use for different purposes. I use my Ubuntu stage 1 carrier for shopping trips or if I need to put Grayson to sleep. My Baby Bjorn is outward facing so only started using that in the last few weeks but I usually use it if Grayson is awake but wants to be with me. He can see forward and be involved with what I’m doing. I have just purchased a Snuggleroo carrier and I must say I’ve been loving it. Also use it to put Grayson to sleep. What I love about this wrap-style carrier is that it’s “pre-wrapped” (check their website to see what I mean) and as Grayson gets older I can use it as a hip hold.

Breast pump

I bought a BabyWombWorld double electric breast pump and have loved using it. As I am a stay at home mum I don’t have to build up a stash in my freezer (although I already have quite a bit) but it’s so convenient to be able to express both breasts at the same time and in such a short time. What I love about this breast pump is that it has 2 suction phases; the first stimulates the breast as a baby suckling would, and the second is the actual extracting of the milk. And it has 10 different suction levels for both phases.

Carry cot

Razberry kids carry cotI bought my carry cot from Razberry Kids in Milnerton. I also bought the stand. It is small enough that even as a newborn Grayson felt like he was in a cosy space but big enough that he still sleeps in it. Most babies outgrow their carry cots within the first 3 – 4 months but this one is well sized. It also came with me when we went to Fancourt for 2 weeks to avoid the beginning of phase 3 of our renovations. We move it round the house if we need Grayson to sleep with us. The base is well built and won’t be knocked over easily which I love seeing Tristan is often taring around the house at full speed!


We still had our pram from Tristan, the Bebe Confort Elea but had sold our car seat & isofix base. Our car seat decision was based on the advise we received from the exceptionally knowledgable Mandy of Car Seat Fullstop. The MaxiCosi Pebble Plus with 2-way isofix base was our choice. It has a great newborn insert for when Grayson was smaller. I trust Mandy’s advise 100% as well as the brands we have gone with.

Baby snood

XOXO Baby is a fabulous local brand and I just love my baby snood; I in fact have 2! They are perfect for covering Grayson in his pram when out shopping so all the grannies wanting to coo over Grayson are kept away! It also protects him from the chilly winter wind (and light drizzle if necessary). This is such a great local brand and have even got their feeding cushion!

Feeding cover

Monalisa Mamas feeding coverWith Tristan I would not feed in public. Mainly because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and my breasts were HUGE! This time is so different and I actually don’t care what other people think; I need to get out the house sometimes and my baby needs to eat! The end! I bought myself a feeding cover from Mona Lisa Mamas and it goes everywhere in my nappy bag! What I love about this feeding cover is firstly it comes in a wide range of colours & fabrics. Secondly it has a firm neckline which means I can see inside to make sure my even bigger breasts than last time aren’t smothering Grayson! Hahahaha! I’ve also used it to put Grayson to sleep under so that it blocks out the outside stimulation which he now is fascinated with.

And that is pretty much the must have items I have used almost daily since Grayson was born.

Much love xxx

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