Packing for an international flight

Packing for an international flight

Packing for an international flight, with 2 kids, takes some pre-planning. Tristan’s Trunki was quick & easy to pack. A change of clothes, his dummy, du-du, ipad and a few toys (as we have a long layover on route to UK) and he’s ready to go! Grayson on the other hand is another matter completely! There’s so much to remember from extra clothes, to nappies, a few medicines in case of an emergency, food and more.

So in true Jenni-style I’m making a list (checking it twice) and thought I’d share it with you in case you need it any time soon! You’re welcome!

What’s in my hand luggage?


We leave Cape Town on a warm sunny day, land in Doha but remain within the airport building so temperature doesn’t matter, then continue on and land in freezing London in the afternoon. I’ve packed things that I can layer up for Grayson. Start off with a short sleeve vest then I’ve added a long sleeved (& leg) babygrow. Then, when we land in London I’ll add a few more layers to him. I have also packed 2 additional changes of clothes, you never know what sort of accidents could await you on the flights! I’ve also packed 2 changes of clothes for myself – 1 incase he vomits or poo’s on me inflight and the other to change into in Doha. I have also packed my K-Way down jacket for when we arrive in London.


International flight hand luggage for kidsWhen traveling internationally, you can’t carry liquids more than 50ml in size in your hand luggage. I found a 50ml bottle of Calpol at Dischem so that is in my hand luggage emergency kit. I also have a few syringes to administer if necessary.


Grayson is not really into food at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s got to do with all the snot, coughing & wheezing we’ve been trying to get to the bottom of, but he maybe eats twice a day so I will take a few teething biscuits and squishes just in case. I will also have a few for Tristan because you can’t go wrong with a squish when he wants a quick snack.


I have packed 20 nappies, you can never have too many, right? I also have nappy packets in case we have a poonami as well as Bepanthan & wet wipes.

Other bits & bobs

My telament drops are never far from me so have packed a new bottle. There are a few toys to keep Grayson busy with as little noise as possible. His dummy & du-du blankets are in there too. My Ubuntu Baba stage 2 carrier is in as well! I think I will be using it when we disembark in Doha as Grayson will (hopefully) be asleep!

So, next time you find yourself packing for an international flight I hope this list comes in use!

Much love xxx

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