Sleeping arrangements

Our family sleeping arrangements have come up on my blog a few times but after a chance discussion with a group of moms at the Cape Town moms night out dinner at Skotnes Restaurant I felt the topic deserved a post all of its own.

I don’t recall how the topic came up, but the fact Shaun and I don’t share a room at the moment was not greeted with looks of surprise, but rather comments such as “us too” and “I thought we were the only ones”! 

Babies are noisy sleepers

I’ll never forget when we bought Tristan home and allowed him to sleep in our room; we were shocked at how noisy he was! So I moved into the nursery with him. I eventually did move back into our main bedroom but we have all played musical beds since.

Lack of sleep is torture

I’m very fortunate to be a full time stay at home mum so I do everything at nights for both boys. It can be a challenge when they both need me at the same time but so far it hasn’t proved impossible.

Shaun is an incredibly light sleeper so wakes at the slightest noise. He also often works until the early hours of the morning (hopefully this will change when his new office is complete and he can be more productive during daylight hours) so being woken at 6/7am by kids when he’s only gone to sleep at 2am means he doesn’t get nearly enough sleep. 

Currently Tristan sleeps in his room, alone. Grayson goes to sleep in the nursery and then I bring him into bed with me at his first feed. Shaun’s sleeping in the formal lounge; he’s got a mattress on the floor and is quite happy. Grayson is definitely not as squeaky at night so I think Shaun will move into the master bedroom soon, I’ll shift back to the nursery at the first feed and Tristan will carry on being the sleeping champ he is!

So please don’t feel you’re alone or odd if you and hubby don’t currently share a bed. This is a hard season in our lives and we need to do whatever works for our family unit. Our babies won’t need us forever and we will snuggle our husbands all night long once again.

I’d love to know your family sleeping arrangements and how it works best for you.

Much love xxx

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