Party planning commences

In less than 4 weeks time, my little monkey will be 2 years old! WTF? How did that happen so quickly? It feels like the last year (almost 2 actually) have flown by in the blink of an eye. Granted, the first 14 months passed in a sort of haze due to my PND but still, how did we get here? Next year he’ll be starting in Stage 2 at Reddam and that’s the start of his school career in essence!

So, I’ve sent out his party invitation and will be having a small group of moms and their babes over on his birthday for tea, bubbles and cake to celebrate this milestone. Tristan’s totally into trucks and diggers and all this construction at the moment so that’s the theme I’m going with. I was going to bake the cake myself, but what if it’s a flop? I doubt it would be but I’ll wait till he’s a little older and can do it with me.

The decor items I would like to do are yellow hard hats for all the kids to wear and then take home, yellow and or black plates, napkins and cups, construction tape, small traffic cones on a black table cloth and I’ll make little yellow road markings and finally (but I think this is going to be a little overkill) a banner that says happy birthday but its made from yellow diamond shaped card with a black liner (see my pic below). I also guess this all depends on what I can find in the shops to make this vision become a reality. I must actually start looking soon though so I’m not rushing around at the end trying to find stuff. Ok, scrap the banner; just tried to look up more pics and it’s going to be a headache trying to get the letters done on each card. If I find it in a shop I’ll buy it otherwise it has been cut!

I definitely want to take the next few weeks to enjoy my little boy more as he’s growing up SO fast right before my eyes.


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