Tomorrow my baby turns 2!

Tomorrow our baby turns 2. Wow, what a year it’s been.
I’m lying in bed thinking of all the wonderful things we’ve done together, all the new experiences we’ve had together, all that we’ve overcome together and all that we’ve learnt together.
In February I had meningitis and wasn’t allowed to see Tristan. That was the first time we had been separated. Then I was diagnosed with severe post natal depression and started intensive talk therapy and meds. Slowly, as the fog cleared so I started to realize and experience the pure joy of being a mom to this incredible human. I started to see Tristan for the miracle he is!
They say you’re not given more you can handle. They also say, and I’m a firm believer, that things happen for a reason. What the reason was for me suffering such prolonged PND I still don’t know but I do know it’s taught me so much about myself and about being a mom.
Tristan has grown and developed so much this past year. He started play school which he loves, his speech has improved dramatically and he says the cutest and funniest things all the time! His little personality is starting to develop and my little baby is turning into a precious little boy!
We have laughed till we cried, we’ve cried till we’ve laughed, we’ve been awake for hours on end and we’ve had glorious (but rare) lie-ins and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.
We’ve been on our first family holiday where he was amazing! He’s slept in my bed more these last few months than in the last 2 years but I’ve loved waking up to his gorgeous face and baby-breathe.
The past few weeks I’ve heard too many tragic stories of parents losing children and I thank my lucky stars that we still have our precious darling boy to hold tight.
The love I have for Tristan is so big it hurts and is so powerful that words don’t seem to do it justice.
I savor every minute that we have together as a family, as a mom. I look forward to each day to see what Tristan will do that will make me laugh and smile. I love nothing more than hearing his infectious laugh when Shaun and him play together.
Thank you for choosing me to be your mom! I love you to the moon and back a million times!!!

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