Postpartum body

Postpartum body. The topic that consumes my thoughts a LOT! And when I say a lot I mean that it is  something I think about and obsess about probably 70 – 80% of the day. I don’t eat or drink something without thinking about how it will affect my weight. I recently (23rd February) started intermittent fasting. Initially I thought ‘cricky, how am I going to cope with not eating from 7pm until 10/11am the next day?’ But you know what? It’s been super easy and I’ve been able to incorporate into my day and routine so easily. Weight-wise, I’ve lost 2 kgs in just over 2 weeks. And, to be honest I haven’t been 100% strict so I am actually quite happy with that. A good loss, in my eyes, is 500g a week and I’ve done 1kg a week so I’ll take it. Exercise-wise I’ve been running and really enjoying it and then adding in 1 or 2 gym (weight training) sessions a week.

My postpartum body story is a roller coaster. Before I fell pregnant I weighed about 76kgs, then I weighed 88kgs the day I had Tristan. Within my first 3 months postpartum I weight 77kgs again – I was thrilled but was too tired and overwhelmed by new motherhood to even notice. But I didn’t keep the weight off; oh no I piled it all back on and pretty quickly to! By about 8 or 9 months postpartum I was back at 88kgs and that’s where I’ve stayed ever since. My eating I know has been a major factor is my weight gain and retaining of the weight but I am really trying hard now to eat right. My goal? To weigh about 80kgs by 1 June.

So, I do IF (intermittent fasting) on a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. I was originally doing it every day but have read info that says, for woman, it can lead to fertility problems if done every day hence my choice of only 4 days. It really has been so easy to incorporate and you know what? It’s the first way of eating that I honestly feel I could do for life.


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