School, the new normal

School during covid

Returning to schoolMonday 6 July 2020 dawned cold but sunny. It was the day Tristan returned to school during the covid19 worldwide pandemic.

For the last week, I’ve been prepping him about this day; telling him what it’s going to be like. How things are going to be different. But it’s still a big change going back to school, having been home for about 114 days!

School during covid

Tristan’s school has been keeping us updated throughout lockdown. The week prior to starting school we, the parents, had to complete 2 different questionnaires as to whether our children would return on 6 July 2020. On Friday 3 July we received an email detailing what we need to send to school with our kids. Tristan’s class teacher also sent us a video she made of the classroom and their lockers. Things are slightly different and I feel that, for Tristan to have seen what his classroom looks like prior to arriving was a big help.


It was requested of us to send the following items to school (and why):

  1. Lunchbox & water bottle clearly labeled (so they can’t get mixed up by accident)
  2. Spare shoes (these will remain at school and will be sanitised each day. These shoes will be worn at school, the others will be used for arrival & home time)
  3. Warm jacket (all windows & doors will remain open to ensure good air flow through the classroom)
  4. Spare clothes (kids are young & accidents happen)
  5. Tissues & hand sanitiser (each child will keep this in their locker for regular use)

On arrival at school we joined a long (socially distanced) queue. At the main entrance, our child had their temperature checked, hands sanitised and our check form taken. That was it. Parents were not allowed any further into the school. This is school, the new normal.

The school day used to be from 8:30am – 12:30pm, however it now ends at 12:15pm. Pick up is the same procedure as arrival; the children are escorted to the main gates and handed over to their parents.

The classroom

The classrooms, traditionally, always had lots of toys, etc for the children to play with. This is no more. The only toys that have remained are those that can be washed & sanitised easily. The carpets have been removed. The children have been divided into 2 groups or bubbles and they only mingle with the children in their bubble. This is so that should someone test positive for covid they can immediately identify who needs to be notified.

Each child also has their stationery in a sealed plastic bag. There is no sharing. There is only space for 2 children per table at a time so everything is done in rotation. Each bubble has a colour, each child has a hoola hoop of that colour so when they are all together in the classroom, social distancing can be maintained.

It breaks my heart that our young children are having to be subjected to this new normal school routine. It seems so unfair on them but I support what the school is doing to protect my child.

How long school will be like this is anyones guess, but as we all get used to this new normal so it will become an easier & smoother process.

Have your children returned to school during covid? Where in the world are you based and what does your new normal like?

Much love xxx

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