Jeff is the new gym

JEFF is the new GYM

Jeff togetherJEFF is the new GYM. Have you seen that being plastered all over Instagram & Facebook recently? Wondering what the hype is all about?

Over 100 days ago most of the world went into some sort of lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. That meant that gyms closed their doors, you weren’t allowed to exercise off your property (well in South Africa at least) and people needed a new way to keep fit & healthy. Johno Meintjies very cleverly capitalised on this and created JEFF (Johno’s E Fitness Faculty) offering (initially) once a day 30 min HIIT (high intensity interval training) for FREE! He already offered 1-on-1 coaching which transformed into what it is today.


These workouts were done, live via their Facebook page, you could participate from anywhere in the world. As they got more people participating so they expanded their workout offerings. Today they have workouts 6 days a week. They offer HIIT classes, on average, 4 times a day (except Saturday when there is only 1 class) plus JEFF flow aka yoga, once a week JEFF cooking together sessions, feedback, guided runs, testimonial and learning sessions. It’s endless!

JEFF is the new GYM

I came across their Facebook page a few days after they started doing their live sessions, 30 min HIIT workouts just after lockdown started in March. I was addicted. It was so awesome for various reasons, but my top reasons are:

  • It was only 30 minutes & I could definitely find time to fit that into my day
  • If you missed the live you could watch it back any time that suited you. I tried to do the 8am class live 4 – 5 times a week
  • Johno is so encouraging & motivating even though he’s not in your house
  • There was an instant sense of community as people started commenting and feeding their results, etc

JEFF 1-on-1

Shortly after I joined the JEFF 1-on-1 program as I wanted to start changing my relationship with food and I had 15kgs to lose!

After 3 months on the program I lost 2kgs and 19cms in total, but that’s not where I stopped. I switched to going steady with JEFF for only R200 (that’s currently less than £10 a month!) and continued with my eating plan & regular workouts.

Jeff is the new gymChange was coming

To be honest, at the end of the 3 months I was feeling slightly disheartened; I’d been watching & reading all the amazing transformations other people on the JEFF program were having. Mine felt so small in comparison. But, change was coming. I carried on, I trusted the program and on 3 July I took some new body photos. I could hardly believe my eyes…

My body had changed so dramatically! My body had started responding to my new normal and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! I knew then that, in order to keep seeing results I needed to accept that my body just changes more slowly. But it still happened.

Every body is worth it

So if you’re sitting at home, feeling like you need to change something but are not sure what, why not try the JEFF together workouts? You can try them for FREE! When do we still get offered things for free in this world? Johno is so confident in his system, and quite rightly so, that he’s given everyone the use of this platform for free! What do you have to lose?

Before lockdown I had literally started to feel that I was destined to just be that frumpy mom. I love food, I love a glass of bubbles, I couldn’t see how I was going to lose the weight and get back to my goal of 75-78kgs. But thanks to Johno Meintjies and the JEFF together team, I know my goal is within my reach and I am so determined to get there. One day at a time!

Much love xxx


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