Homeschooling for the rest of 2020?

Are you going to continue homeschooling for the rest of 2020 or are you sending your kids back as soon as schools open? A hot topic on everyone’s lips.

It’s also something I’m reading a lot about, the South African Paediatrician Association have spoken to Cape Talk on the matter as well as various news publications. From what I gather, if your child is healthy & doesn’t have any underlying health issues, it’s better to send them back to school. Kids seem to transmit the virus less and their viral load is less than we as adults carry, so it’s actually ‘better’ to get the virus from kids.

Please note that I am not a medical doctor and any medical information I mention is not to be quoted nor taken as 100% true. Always discuss any medical situation with a medical professional. The contents of this post is based purely on my opinion. 

Homeschooling was ok, but it’s not for me

Tristan started home schooling on Monday 16 March 2020, he had 1 week before the end of term 1. Term 2 kicked off on 14 April and ended on Friday 12 June. In total, Tristan & I completed 9,5 weeks of homeschooling this year.

It wasn’t too bad if I’m honest, what I struggled with most was the juggle. But we’re not here to discuss that, we’re here because the question of continuing homeschooling for the rest of 2020 or returning to school is a hot topic.

What’s going to be best for Tristan?

Personally I feel he needs to return, and he more than likely will next term if our school is open. He misses his friends. He misses the structure of a school day. Home is not the most stimulating place, nor is it particularly fun with only your mom & baby brother to play with. He is used to being busy playing outside a lot, that doesn’t happen as much when he’s at home.


Homeschooling activitiesI tried to do activities with Tristan through the day, however, Grayson loves being involved and managing him and helping Tristan paint/cut/glue/etc just wasn’t the easiest to balance. It is far easier to do an activity when Grayson is asleep.

I am not a teacher, I am a mom. Yes I’m a stay at home mom but being a teacher takes more than most people have to give. My patience is not the longest piece of string.

Seen on CapeTownInsider.

Term 3

At the end of the 2nd term we received our weekly newsletter from the school and they informed us about the protocols that will be in place when school returns. I am honestly impressed, they are inline with the WHO regulations.

However, I am still not entirely sure what I am going to do. Continue homeschooling for the rest of 2020 or send Tristan back to school come 6 July.

What would you do? Is returning to school an option for your kids? Have they already returned? I would love to hear what you think, please leave your comments in the comments below.

Much love xxx

4 thoughts on “Homeschooling for the rest of 2020?

  1. Alexia says:

    Hi Jenni I miss seeing your Instagram posts and stories. My son started school Monday 22nd he is 6 and in grade R. He went three days the first week and he was very nervous for going in on his own but after doing it he was fine and had a great week! So nice to see him stimulated and happy to see friends again. It’s scary sending them back but my husband is a doctor and also says they saying it’s more beneficial for them to go back than to stay home and be so isolated. Not sure if that helps.
    Warm regards

    • Suburban Cape Town Mom says:

      Hey Alexia, thanks so much for the comment. My new Instagram handle is @thewife_lifeblog. But that’s great news that your enjoyed being back at school. Do they wear masks all day long? Yes, I believe that, under 12 years of age they aren’t really carriers of the virus, they can’t transmit it between each other nor can they give it to us. xx

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