Toddler behaviour

I’m really not sure how to start this, but Tristan has been getting more and more stubborn as the days & weeks pass us by. Maybe it’s him just trying to express his need to make decisions himself, or it’s a battle of our wills, but whatever it is it’s starting to drive my dilly! Toddler behaviour!

We wake up, on a school morning around 7am. We need to leave home around 8:10am to be at school on time. But once I’m dressed and it’s his turn to get ready the mood starts to turn. He usually moans and tries to roll away from me when I come in with his clothes. Even if I’ve asked him nicely, and given him fair warning, he will protest by kicking his legs and often crying that he doesn’t want to get dressed. I used to try make a game of it but now I’ve had enough; I usually tell him that he will then have to stay at home alone. That usually gets him more compliant.

Ok so he’s finally dressed, now comes the next hurdle; getting him into the car. Because we live on a secure estate and the school entrance is right next door, he often sits on my lap and ‘drives’ himself to school. But some days that is not possible and then, once again, he plays up and performs like I’ve just done something terrible.
Today I probably didn’t respond in the right way; when I finally got him into his car seat and we started the drive to school, I actually didn’t even talk to him all the way to school. He kept saying “sorry mommy” but I just kept quiet. I’d had enough. When we arrived at school and I went to take him out his seat I just spoke to him nicely and said that he really needn’t perform like that because it makes the morning unpleasant and also makes both of us sad. He said sorry again, I said sorry, we kissed, cuddled and all was good again.

Evenings present similar situations. Since birth Shaun has always bathed Tristan and although he’s content enough having Shaun still do this, when it comes to getting him out the bath, drying him and or his hair and getting him dressed, Tristan kicks up a whole bunch of protests. Crying, screaming, throwing himself around like a jellyfish and generally putting on quite a performance until such time as I arrive in the room and take over. He then settles quite happily and lets me complete the remaining bedtime tasks. What the hell?

Tristan is now 2y8m; has anyone else been through this? Is this the way we’re going to continue for the foreseeable future or shall this pass?
But I do understand more and more each day why children are made to be so incredibly cute! So they can literally get away with N.E.thing! Hahahaha.

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