Turning 40

Turning 40

Stepping out at 40When I turned 30, turning 40 seemed like a lifetime away. People who were 40 were old, had grown up children, were fully fledged adults. But I’m now 40 and I certainly don’t feel that way. When I think of all that I did in those 10 years I feel proud!

Turning 40, for me has brought with it a shift in my mindset. A contentedness that I’ve never known before. I don’t feel old, but then what does old feel like? Should my 74 year old dad be able to enlighten me? Although he’s super fit, trim & healthy he probably doesn’t feel as old as another 73 year old. I don’t have grown up children, Tristan is 5 and Grayson will turn 2 in June this year. Maybe they keep me young? Grayson is definitely giving me a few more grey hairs!

My neighbours are 45 years old, but their son is in 2nd year varsity, their daughter has just finished high school. This year she’ll be off to varsity so Jen & Paul will be free to enjoy all life has to offer them. Do they feel older than me? 5 years is not much difference in this stage of our lives.

Turning 40 has taught me

Happy 40th birthdayThere are so many great quotes around turning 40. This one is probably my most favourite…

At the age of 20, we didn’t care what the world thinks of us. At 30, we worry about what it is thinking of us. At 40, we discover that it wasn’t thinking of us at all.

I have certainly noticed a lessening in how much emphasis I put on what other people might think of me. But my biggest ah-ha moment was when I realised we only feel judged by others because we ourselves judge others.

Stop judging

I have always been very hard on myself; a friend once said she felt I had body dysmorphia. I never went so far as to develop an eating disorder luckily, however I was always exceptionally critical of my body. Which led me to be very judgemental of others. It was never a verbal judgement but it was going on in my head all the time.

But actually, what gave or gives me the right to be judgemental of someone else? And that is something I’ve come to accept more and more. Our lives are busy, no one has time to actually judge anyone else. Kindness starts with being kinder to myself.

Turning 40, a milestone

I turned 40 in the middle (or maybe was it in the beginning) of the worldwide Covid19 pandemic so it honestly didn’t feel like it was the milestone birthday I’d always thought it would be. 40 seems to be where you’re halfway through life. According to Our World in Data, the average lifespan of people is 72 years old; which means I’m actually more than half way through my life, yet I’ve so much more I wish to accomplish. Which got me thinking; what exactly do I want to accomplish?

  1. Travel. I know it seems like a broad topic but there are so many places I still want to visit and explore. Not only just with Mr M but some with the kids as well. I truly believe that some destinations and vacations need to be done without the kids.
  2. Health. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while and following me on Instagram, you’ll know this is a constant in my life. Not necessarily just weight, but wellness and health in total. I want to be fitter & stronger. I want to practise yoga weekly.
  3. Find my hobby; something that not only is enjoyable but fills my cup.

I think accomplishments can grow, change and shift as we grow within ourselves. Has this made you think about your life at all?

Much love xxx

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