Ways to use a bullet journal

Ways to use a bullet journal

Have you heard of bullet journaling? It’s an organisation system used by moms, students, writers, or anyone who wants to be more organised. Do you now need a few ways to use a bullet journal?

What makes it different from using a traditional diary is the complete freedom to do what you want on each page; there are a few rules and even those are more like guidelines.

What you need

Let’s cover the basics first; you honestly don’t need much to get going. Any notebook will do, a pen & (I highly recommend) a ruler. That is it. You’re ready to start using your bullet journal.

Now that you’re all set it’s time to start looking at ways in which you can use your bullet journal. I personally still enjoy a traditional diary for all my appointments. But I want to be able to track certain habits and this is where, for me, a bullet journal comes into its own.

Ways to use a bullet journal

Ways to use a bullet journalSocial media

Social media growth is something most bloggers want to be able to track. Personally, I would track this on a weekly basis and it would be an excellent way to ensure I am delivering what my audience wants. I would have a goal number of views / new audience members by a certain date.


I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation. We all know how much we exercise, not only due to time but also dependent on what works best for our bodies. You can even go so far as to split your exercise into number of calories per workout and then stretch or yoga sessions too.

1-on-1 time with the kids

This seems like such a silly thing to track, but with my life being busy as a stay at home mom to my 2 boys, I feel this is essential. Grayson is still young, just 13 months old, so naturally demands more of my attention. Because of this I feel Tristan misses out on quality time with me. The key here is quality so as a busy mom I can be focused on him in this time slot.

Cheat food & drink

Yup, this old chestnut! I know I feel 100 times better mentally & physically when I’m eating correctly. But it is so easy for me to fall off that path. It also happens so slowly that I often don’t realise how many cheats I’m having in a day so this is going to be invaluable!

Using a bullet journalWebsite admin

This is a biggie for me at the moment. I really want to become more focused & consistent with growing my blog. I want to develop a forward plan so that I have my month of website admin sorted. I want to make time for learning from experts in their fields such as Jen Stanbrook, the Pinterest guru!

Endless possibilities

There are endless ways to use your bullet journal. You can track other things such as mood, water consumption, housework, work on a hobby, meditation, period / ovulation, savings, me time, the possibilities are truly endless!

I hope you get as much joy out of your bullet journal as I do from mine.

Much love xxx


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